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The CueSongs team are here to make it easy for everyone to find great commercial music and license it from any device.  It’s that simple. It’s the 21st century folks! There are cool apps and platforms for almost anything you can think of and that’s what we are - a platform that enables you to license great music from established artists at a click of the button. Say goodbye to tracking down publishers, writers and content owners and say hello to the future.



CueSongs has signed deals with majors and hundreds of independent labels and publishers and has pre-cleared their music for all online media. We then upload their music onto our platform, available for you to search and license instantly without having to speak to anyone (unless you want to of course!)

We are always here to help, so if there is a track you really want to use or require a usage that isn’t covered - and it isn’t on the CueSongs platform - then let us know and we can sort it for you.

Have any questions? Get in touch at or call +44 207 307 3083