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    What is the difference between CueSongs and other music libraries?

    CueSongs is the world’s first commercial music licensing platform. We have the real thing, not a sound alike. We are all about premium music.

    CueSongs was the first to sign major labels and publishers and work with hundreds of independent labels and publishers providing a catalogue of music from top artists.


    How do I create an account on CueSongs?

    Click on Register on the Homepage and enter the required details. We will only ask you for the information we need to enable you to license a track.


    What licenses do CueSongs offer?

    We offer a range of pre-cleared music for various usages. You can see our full rate card here (insert link to rate card download) If your usage is not covered, please get in touch.


    What do each of the licenses cover?

    Please see a description of our licenses on the rate card here (link to rate card)


    How do I license music from CueSongs?

    You can license a track in 4 simple steps.

    • Go to Find Music or search using the search bar
    • Click on the ‘cart’ button over the track artwork
    • Select the usage you require and enter the requested information
    • Click license and voila, you are done!
    • You will then receive an email with your HQ Download link and License agreement.

    How do I download music I want to use?

    When you are searching for music, you can click the Download button on the track artwork to get a test mp3. Once you have licensed the track, you will receive a High Quality file.


    Can I monetise my video if I use CueSongs music?

    Yes you can! Licensing music from CueSongs means you have paid a sync fee to put that music with your content and are able to monetise your video.


    Are Performance Royalties included?

    No, performance royalties are not included in our licenses. This is the responsibility of the hosting platform (e.g YouTube) or the broadcaster (e.g a TV Channel). Please check with us if you have any concerns.


    Do you offer music packages?

    Of course we do! Please get in touch with our sales team and they can put something together for you.

Content ID Claims:

YouTube’s Content ID system is really good at matching music owned by other content owners but it does not recognise when you have obtained a license for something. This means you may occasionally get a claim on your video but, if you give us a heads up before you’ve uploaded your video, we can get in touch with the rights holders to let them know. If you receive a claim on a track licensed through CueSongs, please dispute it and email and we will be able to request its release.

Submit Music

How Do I Submit Music?

Please go here (link to contact form) to submit links of your music for consideration (please do not send files unless requested). We look forward to hearing your music!